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Coaches Selection
Posted Apr 27, 2015

A Coaches Committee, all members of which are on the South Dakota Junior Football Board of Directors, selects all coaches. The Committee actively solicits applications with the goal of identifying coaches before the start of the season.

Coaches are selected based on a number of criteria. The committee looks for coaches whose skills, background, experience, and temperament are age appropriate. We recognize that some coaches are better suited to working with younger players and it is the committee's intent to place coaches at the most appropriate level. In selecting a coach, the committee will look at past experience, personal philosophy, and support of league goals and principals. While football knowledge is important, it is not the only or most important factor considered.

Coaches selected by the committee will reflect South Dakota Junior Football's vision and objective. They will demonstrate good character and support the league, its officials, and the league rules and regulations.

Coaches are selected for a one year commitment. Having continuity from season to season is desirable for the overall strength of the program. The use of year-end surveys, responsible feedback to the league and personal observations will be determining factors in bringing back the same coach the following year. If the committee and the Board of Directors agree that the coach has done an excellent job, the coach can maintain their position, and the position will not be opened.

Background checks will be conducted on coaching candidates and all coaches promise to abide by a coaches code of conduct.

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