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Severe Weather Policy
Posted Apr 27, 2015

Severe Weather Policy

The severe weather policy of South Dakota Junior Football Inc. consists of two sections. The first section addresses practice time conditions at various park locations in and around Sioux Falls, SD. The second section addresses game day and equipment hand out conditions at the South Dakota Junior Football Game Fields and Sanford Sports Complex.

General Practice Rules

Practice time conditions are addressed in the following portion of our League Rules and Regulations; General Practice Rules, paragraph two, as follows:

There will be NO practices on days when the temperature has reached 95 degrees at any time or the heat index has reached 100 degrees, or whenever the weather is unfavorable for practice (lightning in area). Questions should be directed to the league voice mail system at 334-3140. This system is limited and should only be used by the head coach. All coaches, parents, and players can access our web site at

Our Rules and Regulations are reviewed with all coaches at a coaches meeting prior to the start of our preseason practices. Our teams practice in parks all over the city of Sioux Falls and towns in the surrounding area. During practice time within our temperature guidelines, the decision on postponing or ending practice is ultimately each coaches. Good judgment should be applied in assessing the current weather conditions at the practice site.

Game Days

Game time weather and field conditions at the South Dakota Junior Football Game Fields are monitored by the Board of Directors of South Dakota Junior Football Inc. The Board of Directors, through the President, have the authority to cancel games prior to two hours before the first scheduled game of the day due to severe weather, threat of severe weather, or dangerous or unsuitable field conditions. A message will be placed on the league's phone system, the league web site, and local radio and television stations. As time allows, every effort will be made to contact all head coaches to inform them of the game cancellations.

A representative of the Board of Directors is present at all games. On game days, when the teams are present at the South Dakota Junior Football Game Fields, the representative(s) on site will monitor weather conditions. In the event of sudden weather changes, a horn will sound. A long, continuous horn sounding will indicate that all games are postponed for that day and will be rescheduled. A series of short, rapid horn sounds will indicate that a delay of 20 minutes is being instituted. All players and coaches should leave the field immediately and return when the delay is over. Information on rescheduling of any postponed games will be provided to coaches at a later time.