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Who/what is SDJRFB? South Dakota Junior Football is in its 52nd year.  SDJRFB is non-profit organization made up of volunteer board members and coaches.  All of the volunteers in SDJRFB maintain full time jobs outside of their volunteer duties.  WE DO NOT HAVE A PAID DIRECTOR.



Who can participate? 2nd through 8th graders may participate. 2nd graders participate in our Rookie Division. 3rd and 4th graders participate in our Peewee Division. 5th and 6th graders participate in our Junior Division. 7th and 8th graders participate in our Senior Division.

Practices and Games

How many participants are there?   In 2019, 2,300 players played on 114 tackle teams. 

How are teams assigned?   All new players and players moving up a division are placed on teams.  Each player is assigned a random number and these numbers are plotted on maps.  The appropriate number of players is then drawn on the maps to form teams.  No consideration is given to school attended, player size or skill level. 


How many games are played?   Each player is guaranteed 7 regular season games and 1 post-season playoff games.

What equipment is needed?   SDJFB provides all needed equipment except football shoes, practice shirt/jersey, and a t-shirt to wear under the players shoulder pads. 

Where are practices held?   Practices are held in a park or grass area that is convenient for the players on the team.  Since teams are formed geographically, the practice site should be close to all players. 

How do we sign up to play?   Online player registration is available at  Also on our web site you can download our Player Registration form, print, complete and mail in with your payment. In person player registration is at SD Junior Football building or Yankton Summit Center (see league events or schedules).  Note; to receive raffle tickets, you must register in person.

How much does it cost to play?  Early player registration fee is $140 if paid by May 1st, after May 1st - $165. If registered in person at the SD Junior Football building or the Yankton Summit Center, you have the option to receive $140 in raffle tickets to sell. Sell the tickets, keep the money, and turn in the stubs at player equipment handout in July. It is possible for a player to play for free if they sell all of their tickets. 


Will we play in the Dakota Dome?   Dakota Dome games are not guaranteed.  The leagues intention is for all Junior and Senior Division teams to play their final game of the season in the Dakota Dome.  No Pee Wee teams will play in the dome. The Pee Wee Championship and 3rd place games are played at Howard Wood Field. 


Can we get a refund if we decide not to play?   Due to the significant amount of work involved in processing player registrations, assigning players to team’s and assuring we have sufficient equipment for all who register, refunds are not granted if a player decides not to play.     



How much time is involved?   Practice starts on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2020.  For the first three weeks, preseason, teams will generally practice 4 or 5 times per week, at least 2 hours per day.  After regular season games begin on August 24th, there will be no more than two practices and one game each week. 




Where are games played?   All regular season games are played on the South Dakota Junior Football fields at the Sanford Youth Sports Complex in northwest Sioux Falls and at the Yankton High School.